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(Not) Guilty • 2016 rpg

Miranda Debenham • no link

100 Crime Cards
6 Witness Cards 
1 Twist Card


The person before you is accused of a heinous crime, but their guilt is not yet certain. Using the information provided to you, you and your fellow jurors must determine their fate. Are they innocent until proven guilty?

How To Play

1. The game begins when the GM draws and reads a Crime Card. This is the outline of the prosecution’s case. 
2. Each player draws a Witness Card, giving roles like ‘Spouse’, ‘Eyewitness’ or ‘Best Friend’. On their turn, they assume this role, and tell the best story they can to prove that the defendant is innocent. 
3. When all the evidence has been heard, the players take their Jury positions, and must vote for a unanimous verdict. Guilty, or Not Guilty?


You play the prosecution, and can enact The Twist. You must ask questions of the Witnesses, to try and make them contradict each other or themselves. At any time during any Witness testimony, you can play The Twist, which lets you invent any new fact or piece of evidence that the players must deal with. Use it wisely, you have only one!

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