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Apple of Discord • 2016 rpg

Ludovico Alves • no link

Each player gives the Hero a trait; 
Each player plays “God(ess) of X and Y” and picks a Rival;
Shuffle a domino set;
Each player picks five pieces; 
Any player with a double puts it in front of him. If no player has a double, everyone picks another piece until there is at least one double in play;
Players bid for the Apple of Discord; the winner takes the Apple and his rival picks a number of pieces equal to the bid.
Players narrate initial challenges.

Players, clockwise from the Apple bearer’s Rival, take turns establishing scenes. If the Apple bearer matches one of his pieces with those in play, he resolves the scene Otherwise, other players bid. 
Any double picked is immediately put into play introducing a new challenge. Challenges are resolved when both sides have been matched and the sum of the dots at both ends equals the dots of challenge double. Remove resolved doubles and shuffle other pieces back. 
Blank sides represent hubris, pathos and mortal danger. Whenever both matched sides of a challenge are blanks, the Hero is killed on this challenge. Players narrate the outcome of successful challenges while Rivals narrate failures.

Author Comments (if any)

Apple of Discord is a mythology inspired roleplaying game in which players play deities playing with heroes as they take quests that shape the world of gods and mortals.

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