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All Fall Down Campfire Questions • 2016 supplement

Ryan Ó Laoithe • no link

Use with All Fall Down

At the start, when you burn a match, you may instead choose to add a detail to one of the following. Build on things that were said before you. Never invalidate what someone else has said. Every contribution matters. 

The End: How did the world die?
-What caused it?
-What did we ignore?
-What could have prevented it?
-What’s scarce?

Relationships: How do you know your fellow survivors?
Choose another survivor and answer one of these questions:
-Why do you owe your life to them?
-What did they do to make you hate them?
-Why do you trust them beyond all else?
-What secret of theirs do you know? Are they aware you know?

The Future: What’s left for you?
-What’s your character’s motivation for continuing?
-What’s left for humanity?
-What needs to be done to achieve these goals?
-What’s the most immediate goal?

The Threat: What’s chasing you?
Take a characteristic of something familiar (physical feature, motivation, etc.).
Do one of the following to it:
-Pervert it.
-Exaggerate it.
-Invert it.
-Remove it.
It should become unrecognisable by the time play starts. 

Come up with more questions if you need to. 

Author Comments (if any)

For use with All Fall Down by me, last year. Inspired by Restless by J. Walton, and Vast and Starlit by Epidiah Ravachol, and of course, Apocalypse World by Vincent Baker.

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