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Recollection • 2016 rpg

Dominic Carroll • www.firecat-masquerade.com

A game of memory, personality and post-traumatic-amnesia.

NOBODY GETS HURT:  Have the "social contract" conversation with your fellow players - work out what topics you're unwilling to role-play and how you’ll approach difficult topics. Take time over this - it's important.

Character Generation:

1) Write a name.
2) Decide Approach. (eg. - "Fists solve problems", "Consults the books".)
3) Decide Profession. (eg. - “Cop”, “Shopkeeper”)
4) Memories:

Everyone take five blank note-cards and write a memory on each. 
Start with "I remember..." and write an...
- Early memory
- Hopeful memory
- Traumatic memory
- Violent memory 
- Passionate memory

Shuffle these together, deal out randomly.  
Now number the back of your new cards from 1-5.



- Characters only roll for an unopposed task if failure would be fun
- Where there’s opposition or risk of failure, assign a target number from 2 (Tricky) to 12 (Superhuman)
- Roll 1d6.  Add +2  if your Profession applies and another +2 if Approach applies.
- If you match or exceed the target, you succeed.


Characters may take a moment to dredge lost memories for hidden potential.

- Everybody hold hands. 
- Choose one of your "Memory" cards - read aloud, then discard it.  
- Add the number on the card to any single die roll you make.

Author Comments (if any)

Mental health issues, trauma and memory-loss are big topics. Treat each other well when role-playing around them, yes?

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