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Dum Mors nos separet, amemus! • 2016 rpg

Ivan Lanìa • no link

Florence, 1348: at the feet of Saint Mary’s Cathedral goods are sold, intrigues are planned and a star-crossed love is burning bright. But when the Black Plague smites the city, what will be of the two lovers? 

We grab a tarot deck and pick up the Major Arcana; You draw one and create a figure of power; I’ll take his/her role. I do the same for You, and You will play an outcast. Then, We play out the five scenes composing our tale, each represented by a Tarot and a Question:
1. The Stars: Why did We fall in love?
2. Temperance: How did I uselessly try to reject You?
3. The World: How did You made Me experience your lifestyle?
4. Wheel of Fortune: What external force endangered Us? 
5. Death: the Plague has broken out! We frame this final scene, build a deck using the Lovers, Judgement and Devil cards and draw one to create our epilogue.
- Lovers: we made it out, and things will be fine.
- Judgement: the sinner between us has paid a toll, but we may come through this.
- Devil: our love was never meant to be, and thus it is no more...

Author Comments (if any)

Language note: The game title is a sentence in classical Latin meaning (hoping I got it right) “Till Death do us part, let’s love!”.

Personal thanks: To my friends Tobia Finzi and Daniele Di Rubbo, for pushing me to do this. To my e-pal Anna Koprantzelas; she helped me focus a topic for the game.

Inspirational narrative:

Inspirational RPGs: This project is pretty match a mix-and-match of elements from two of my favourite games:

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