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Hunters • 2016 rpg

Ed Turner •

Massive, deadly monsters wander the land. You are monster hunters. 

Choose your name and signature weapon. Collectively describe a monster and how you get to it.

In any order, each hunter takes one action:

Maneuver: Describe your attempt to gain an advantage on the monster. Roll a d6.
3+: Success. Add the die to your Attack Pool.
1-2: Failure. Keep the die in front of you as a Wound. 

Attack: Describe how you strike out at the monster. Roll the dice in your attack pool. 
If any land 5+: Success. The monster takes one Wound.
Otherwise: Failure. 

Support: Describe how you bolster another hunter. Move any number of dice from your attack pool to theirs.

Heal: Describe how you aid another hunter. Move one of their Wound dice to their attack pool. 

After every character has acted, the monster acts: choose one hunter to take a Wound and describe what happens.

A hunter with three Wounds is down, and cannot act until a Wound is removed. If every character is down, the monster wins.

If the monster takes as many Wounds as there are hunters, it has been defeated. 

Either way, collectively describe the aftermath of your hunt.

Author Comments (if any)

This is the last-minute, updated version of something I already submitted. It’s an attempt to pare down Anima Prime to fit in the 200 word limit.

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