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Carl Lehmann • https://www.linkedin.com/in/lehmanncg

The Action Movie Climax Game!

Get a bunch of d6s & some cards, The Group Decides on:
- Movie Genre & Who, What, When, Where, & Why they are fighting.
- Make Two mook & one Villain Cards. 
- Each player writes a one sentence description of their character on a card.
- Each card gets 3d6.
- Choose a Starting Player & Play Clockwise

When Playing Always;
- Describe how characters take & react to actions. 
- Drive the scene with your descriptions.
- Let the mechanics set the pace & tension.

Player Turn
1)Action          5+ =Success
         a.Attack card.Success = Dice pool -1 
         b.Boost ally or yourself2 successes = Dice Pool +1 
2)You Get : 
         a.Better: Reduce success number (min 3+)   
         b.Stronger: Dice Pool +1
3)One Enemy Takes Action
        a.Villains must go once during a round.
4)Enemies Become:
        a.Faster:  Make a Mook card & give it half the villain’s current die pool (round Up)  
        b.Harder: Villain Dice Pool +1

- Mook Limit = Players
- A card is K.O.ed! when reduced to 0 dice. 
- Villain cannot be K.O.ed!  until all mooks are K.O.ed! 
- Players Win if they K.O. the villain.  
- If they lose, accept defeat, or play another round!

Author Comments (if any)

No matter the genre, be it sci-fi, fantasy, super heroes, noir detective stories, fighting anime, or gritty modern day thrillers. I’ve always loved action movies, and one of the best things about them is that supremely sweet payoff of the final fight scene. I wanted to make a game that you can use to kill 20 minutes and have that knock down, drag out, no-holds-barred romp without the weighty rules set or any of the baggage of trying to stat out every little thing.

Play and let the fight get more and more ridiculous and desperate as time goes on. Have fun and keep playing with the same characters or switch things up. Above all, enjoy!

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