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Not Long For This World • 2016 rpg

Mickey Michalik • no link

Not Long For This World

Whether you’re being hunted by monsters, losing sanity in an abandoned asylum, sentient baked goods getting stale, or another creative, dire scenario, you are not long for this world. The best you can do is team up to fight the inevitable for as long as you can. 

Everyone should have a goal in mind, one final thing you need to accomplish before your demise.

You have 3 abilities, the names and effects should correspond with the genre.

•Hunted: Strength, Agility, Intelligence
•Asylum: Courage, Denial, Sanity 
•Bread: Consistency, Calories, Flavor 

Assign one die (d4, d6, and d8) to each ability. In order to succeed a task imposed by the GM, roll a 4 or higher. If you succeed, nothing bad happens. 
If you fail, something terrible happens. Downgrade one of your dice to the next lowest die (minimum d4). If all dice are d4s and you fail again, that’s it, you’re dead. 

Player Conflict: Those disagreeing make an opposed ability roll.
•Inconsequential: No damage. 
•Destructive: Loser takes ability damage.

Optional Rules:
•Upgrade a stat that’s been damaged after rest. 
•Reroll a failure once per game.
•Items can provide a one-time +1 bonus. 

Author Comments (if any)

This system started as a hodge-podge of rules thrown together to run a silly concept for my school’s RPG club. As seen in the rules, there are a few explicit references to “sentient baked goods”. The setting/adventure (entitled as many variants of “You Are Already Bread”) was created by committee at a workshop one of our members ran on world building. As silly as it turned out to be, I felt it could be used for a variety of concepts pretty well, as the spiral of death can ramp up the tension pretty quick.

Thanks to everyone at the RPGA at UMD for such a fun concept and helping me become more involved in this hobby!

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