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Weather Supplement (A Storytelling Principle) • 2016 supplement

YG Mitchell •

In framing scenes, an oft-overlooked element is the weather and its power to invoke the spirit of a game’s trajectory, reflect tensions between characters, inspire players.

This simple supplement formalizes an approach which will invigorate a scene - imbue it with a story’s themes. React to, or foreshadow, a game’s arc.

When describing your scene, choose an Approach;
Choose whichever fits the story’s continuity, but also remember that an abrupt change in weather may itself be a dramatic move.

-Reactive            -Current            -Portentous

Reactive reflects the moments in the drama which led to this scene. Reactive Weather might be used after the apex of a dramatic arc, in scenes following an important turning point in the story.

Current reflects the plot as it stands now, the characters’ present situation, the general outlook.

Portentous reflects coming drama - an omen from the atmosphere, a signal that everything will be fine, or not…

After Approach, decide Specifics;

-Apt            -Ironic

Apt means the weather follows the mood you are reflecting. Tropes work! Good weather is positive, optimistic, invigorating! 

Ironic means you invert the reflection - Where glorious sun would usually imply optimism, instead it follows tragic loss.

Weather can be extreme or benign, but always have purpose.

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