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Fantasy Heartbreaker • 2016 rpg

Joe Chirelli • no link

Character creation:
Each character has eight characteristics. Athletics, Deception, Seduction, Finances, Flirtatiousness, Creativity, Combat and Performance.
For each characteristic roll a six-sided die and divide the outcome by two, rounding fractions down.
Each character has a burning crush on another randomly determined character. 
For each crush the other character's players determine an obstacle to their love. Mutual attractions result in two complications.
Each character pair has an Attraction score starting at zero. Characters with an Attraction equal to sextuple the number of players can culminate their affair.

Resolving actions:
Whenever a character attempts an action the group decides which characteristic is most relevant. Then roll a six-sided die, dividing the outcome by two and rounding up. If that result is equal to or lower than that characteristic the action is successful. Otherwise the other players determine how the action goes wrong. Successful actions may change Attraction by the amount shown on the die.

The players attempt to create an interactive romantic adventure in a medieval fantasy setting. For every crush exists a complication. Multiple players may have the same crush. There could be lots of unrequited love or just beleaguered couples. Set your own goals and play to win.

Author Comments (if any)

A simple system to have romance novel inspired adventures.

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