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Aces High • 2016 rpg

Jessica Townshend • no link

Gather your squadron, the more the merrier, make sure everyone has a six sided die, flying hat (any hat) and a scarf in front of them. Everyone choose a silly callsign.

Play begins when someone shouts ‘Chocks Away!’ then everyone throws on scarf and hat and rolls their die as the squadron scrambles.

Read the number on you die and shout out the corresponding result below…

6 - ‘On my six!’ - The foe is behind you. You will be shot down if no one can save you.

5 - ‘5 by 5’ - You save a fellow with someone on their six with fancy flying to draw off the foe.

4 - ‘Forward!’ - The foe is flying right at you. You will be shot down if no one can save you.

3 - ‘3 D’ - Time to make this kite really fly and save someone with a foe Forward using expert maneauvers.

2 - ‘What the deuce?’ - Look around frantically for a target.

1 - ‘Bullseye!’ - You shoot down a foe. Good show!

Anyone shot down must choose a new callsign as their previous pilot is lost in no man's land.

Everyone roll again! The first pilot to score 5 Bullseye's is a Flying Ace and wins.

Author Comments (if any)

I wanted to capture the frantic and brutal nature of dogfighting in the flippant and irreverent manner of the Blackadder series.

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