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Drink Tea. Forget. • 2016 rpg finalist

M. Quintanilla • no link

An introspective RPG for one.

At the start of each day: prepare the pot, set the kettle to boil, brew your tea. 

As it brews, roll 1d6 and think about...

1. ...A time you let someone down when they needed you most. 
2. ...A loved one you never got to say goodbye to, gone forever.
3. ...A haunting secret you've never told anyone about.
4. ...An unhealthy habit or vice you wish you could shake.
5. ...A moment where you felt ashamed to be you.
6. ...A place in your life you wish you could be at, but are not.

As you drink, roll 1d6 and vow to:

1-3. Let someone in.
What do they think? How would they approach this? Perhaps the only thing they can offer is an open ear, that’s fine too. 

4-5. Be alone with your thoughts.
What could you have done differently? What can you do moving forward? Ask yourself hard questions that you’ve been avoiding. Be a better you.

6. Never think of this again. 
Cross it off the list. It is gone. Forgotten. Let it go.

Repeat until you’re ready to stop or until you’ve crossed every choice off the list. Bottoms up.

Author Comments (if any)

Author did not add any comments.

Judge Comments

Will play - solid game for one. less vague than many. actionable, encourages engaging with the activity and mindfullness. - Kat Kuhl

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