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Two Adventurers on a Quest • 2016 rpg

Chelsey Eaton • https://plus.google.com/u/0/106374169006137837802/about

Players: 2

Tools: One six sided dice 

 You are two adventurers on a quest.

Follow the steps one at a time, roll the dice to pick an option.  Follow other prompts and questions.

Relationship step: 

3.Former rivals
5.Teacher and student

Describe yourselves individually and together decide the details of your relationship.  Talk about the world and culture(s) you are in. 

Goal step:

1.Rescuing royalty  
2.Defeating an evil mage
3.Defeating a beast  
4.Finding an ancient relic
5.Finding treasure.
6.Gaining magical powers.

Describe your goal together and the start of your journey.  

        Obstacle step:  

2.Rival adventurers
3.A swarm of creatures  
4.Perilous landscape.
5.Persons in need.
6.A magical trap

Describe the obstacle together, then roll the dice to determine the outcome.

Even Number: You succeed and gain something helpful.
Odd Number: You barely make it and lose something.

Describe the outcome in detail.

     Reaching your goal:

Even number: you succeed in your goal and gain fame and glory. 
Odd Number: Your goal is not what you expected. 

Describe reaching your goal and what happens after. 

Author Comments (if any)

It is always easier to get two people together so I wanted to make a two player game. I also wanted it to be simple and easy enough for beginners to get into.

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