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CON-quest • 2016 rpg

Gilbert Isla • http://blumagik.com


2 decks of poker cards (with jokers)  determines the best Con Artist in town.

From 1 deck deal 6 cards to each player:
Hearts are  romance scams
Spades are dexterity  scams
Clubs are strong arm scams
Diamonds are technology scams
Jokers beat all except other Jokers

1 deck for the Mark.

Each Turn role-play the encounter, the person to the left plays the Mark.

Play a card from your hand and describe the Con.  

Draw 3 cards from the Mark deck and lay them face down. 
Flip over one card comparing:

Matching suits OR the same color, highest value wins.
Opposing color, lowest value wins.
Values match, tie and draw card.

If the Mark wins or ties, turn ends.
If the Player  wins he has the Mark’s attention.
Flip a Mark card.
Play a card to beat it.  The last card is the Spoils.
If the Player can not beat the Mark, turn ends.

If the Mark EVER flips a Joker, an undercover officer arrests the Con Artist,  lose current spoils.

Go  around the table until no more cards can be played.

Tally the Spoils.  Face cards count as 11, Aces 12.   Highest total is The Greatest Con Artist.

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