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Bluebeard's Bride's Daughter's Psychiatrist • 2016 rpg

John Kipling Lewis •

One randomly selected player takes on the role of Bluebeard's Bride's Daughter's Psychiatrist. 

The rest of the players take on the role of part of Bluebeard's Bride's Daughter's broken and shattered personality. 

Bluebeard's Bride's Daughter is accused of Bluebeard's murder, but the Psychiatrist must attempt to declare her sane enough to stand trial!

Each turn the Psychiatrist asks a randomly selected player a question regarding the untimely death of Bluebeard, who murdered his bride, their mother. 

Each question is answered with a simple statement that the Psychiatrist transcribes. After each turn the Psychiatrist subjectively determines if the statement contradicts any previously made statements. If it does, the Psychiatrist puts an X next to it. 

After asking each of the other players two questions regarding the crime, if the number of X marks outnumber the statements without X marks, the Psychiatrist declares the daughter insane and she is put in an asylum. 

Otherwise the Psychiatrist then takes on the role of the Narrator, examining the list of true statements and describing the events of the murder of Bluebeard in gruesome detail. 

The other players deliberate as the Judge and Jury and declare the sentence.

Author Comments (if any)

This is a revision of the entry to last year’s competition that didn’t make it into judging. The year has allowed for some editing and a new twist!

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