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A.G.A.T.A. • 2016 rpg

Alessio Fabiani • no link

Objective: A “Story-Telling-RpG”. Agents must discover the origin/meaning of the message. Spies must divert the story.

Preparation: Each player writes a word starting with the letter “A” and hides it. Distribute another deck of cards, ceil(?*num_players) red and ceil(¾*num_players) white. Red cards are the Spies.

“You are superskilled Agents with unlimited access to any resource. We received an enemy-alien-whatever message containing the acronym A.G.A.T.A.Investigate and discover what means and its origin.”

Your turn:
You must tell a scene involving the Agents.
The scene must be: 
Coherent with the setting.
Continue a previous scene if any.
Players cannot be killed or die.
Time period cannot be longer than one day. Extend it with a “Token”.
The story cannot end before your second turn.

Not-your turn:
You can play a “Token” to:
Use one ability of your Agent.
Modify minor aspects of the scene. You cannot end the scene or kill another Agent.

Give 1 Token to the teller if you liked the scene.

Spies Scope:
One of the words must appear in A.G.A.T.A.

Agents Scope:
Avoid one of the words appear in A.G.A.T.A..

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