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SEGUE • 2016 supplement

Dale Elvy • http://imaginaryempiregames.blogspot.com/

As the characters sleep, they share a strange dream.  A gardener waits patiently in a strange, beautiful, garden. Each character sees the gardener as someone they trust and respect.
The gardener explains that the characters are in grave danger.  The reality they know is a dream, a fiction created to keep them from harm.  But now their continued dream has placed them in danger, they must wake and confront the truth if they are to survive.
To wake, the character must share one of their deepest fears.  As each character describes their fear a pallid, plant sprouts a small lozenge shaped pod.  Each character must consume this, if they are to wake.

If they do, a new game begins.  Select a new setting and system.  Create new characters who share some similarity with those preceding, including the fear.  
The characters wake suddenly. They are in danger.  They wake together in a way appropriate to the game, for example, experimental dream therapy (contemporary), suspended animation (sci-fi). 

If they don’t, the characters wake to find large, pallid, pods have grown beside them as they slept.  Inside each is a perfect copy of the character, identical in every way.  The copy attacks…

Author Comments (if any)

Dreams provide a great way to link characters and explore new ideas. This supplement is intended to work with virtually any game, allowing the players to transition to a new game while maintaining some of the established history and fiction of their characters. This may invite further exploration of the idea of multiple realities, dimensions or dreams, or not. It is also intended to allow the characters to reject this proposal and face a threat instead.

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