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It creeps • 2016 rpg

Michael Tangherlini • no link

One player is the Chief, trying to understand what happened during the last research expedition within the Weird Zone. All other players are the members of the expedition. They have changed, though.
Keep narrating what happens during and after interrogations.
All players draw a card from their deck of 20 French playing cards. The card number is how much they have changed, from 0 (no change) to 10 (an alien entity within a human shell). The Chief draws none.
When the Chief asks them about the expedition, he/she makes him/her sit in front of him/her. Ask a question and show them a card: spades to ask about a threat, hearts for a member, diamonds for a goal, clubs for a risk. The other must reply with another card: if the value is lower than the Chief’s card, they tell him/her something valuable; else, they tell him/her something gruesome and they give him the card.
The Chief sums the value of each collected card. If it gets past 10, he/she feels the Weird creeping inside him/her and he/she must narrate how it affects him/her. When it gets past 30, he has changed.

Author Comments (if any)

Partially inspired by the “Southern Reach trilogy” by Jeff Vandermeer and John Carpenter’s “The Thing.”

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