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Oubliettes and Hellions • 2016 rpg

Radaghast Kary •

Oubliettes and Hellions
(Radaghast Kary, 2016)
Setting: Mighty nations (ancientforged gargoyles, assimilative tripleheads, philharmonic krakens, regenerative oozeblobs) warring with Agile nations (scheming spidertauri, selfaffirming tieflings, magisterial pikears, fancybearded naturemorphs). Choose side! Choose vocation: Devious (ironclad, nighthag, songsage, stargeezer) or Reckless (beastlord, fadcultist, blasthurler, crookzealot). Elaborate!

Rules: roll over Mighty/Agile/Devious/Reckless score to succeed, roll under to defend.


Grendalf Fancygray requests ring destruction from tieflings; spidertaur Borgomir joins. Elude gargoyle ambushes! Acquire pikear confidants against triplehead myriads! Overcome bridgeblocking krakens! Thwart blasthurling oozeblob Orodruid! Gotta bind them all!

Gargoyle stargeezer Pickhard leads honourseeking triplehead shipcrew; they boldly go. Engage cloaked pikear ships! Foresee tiefling crookzealot seducing chief songsage Spotty! Discern evasive naturemorphs! Reverse the polarity, triangulating transparent spidertaur spy! Jettison a respawning hydraghost!

Tiefling schoolkids pilot dreampowered ironclads. Contend mutated gargantuan townwrecking krakens! Earn teacher acknowledgment! Protect lovable naturemorph nighthag gardener! Help bugbear and owlbear resolve family issues! Contain juvenile rivalry and reproach conspiring buddies!

Oozeblob professor travels with talkative triplehead companions through time and space. Cultivate gargoyle dogs! Exterminate pikear ironclad army threats! Baffle moonhowling elephant shapeshifter with a screwdriver! Vindicate Mighty civilisation before divine beholders! Hold tight and pretend the happy coincidence chain is your plan!

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