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Space Machine • 2016 rpg

Joe Greahead •

You are members of a long-distance ship crew trying to colonize a new home.
You are the third generation aboard this ship.
The ship’s primary systems are failing.
You must decide whether to abandon your mission or complete it at the cost of your crew’s lives.

Name your ship and what defines it as being distinct.

Think of a notable memory that includes an action you took and a subject besides yourself.
Write down the action and the subject on an index card.
Verb: Steal
Subject: Father

Pass this card to the player across from you; or, if there’s an odd number of players, pass it to your left.
Select another player at the table to be the subject listed on your card.

When you include your Verb in roleplay, draw a card from a shuffled 52 card deck.
Include the prompt below in your roleplay.
Heart: Protect someone from death.
Spade: Reveal a secret.
Club: Shed some blood.
Diamond: Fix something previously broken.

If you draw a face card (A, J, Q, K), someone dies.

Play until you reach a consensus or everyone is dead.

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