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Paranormal Rescue Squad • 2016 rpg finalist

Allan Dotson •

Collaboratively describe a terrain, objective and, in broad strokes your team of special operatives.  
In turn, each player names and describes an agent.  Choose one:
-Heavily armed.
-Distinctive style.
Other agents begin nameless. Only named characters take actions. 

On your turn either EXPLORE and describe what you find (list A); or REST and say what you learn (list B). Other players describe a DANGER (list D), you describe COST of solving (list C). Role play. 

When you choose from these lists, cross out one option from that list. Maybe the option you used, maybe not.  When an option is crossed off, it can't be chosen again.

The mission ends when all dangers are crossed off; all named characters are dead; or the objective has been accomplished.

A) Found:
-Single survivor
-Useful item
-Way through

B) Learned:
-Someone's name
-Someone's backstory
-Someone's power, dangerous or unreliable
-Our true objective
-Source of the creatures
-Impending doom

C) Cost:
-Our way
-A piece of gear
-Our objective
-Unnamed characters
-A named character (do not cross this off)

D) Danger:
-Unseen creatures
-Familiar creatures
-New creatures
-Huge creature
-The dead
-One of us 
-Our commanders
-The environment

Author Comments (if any)

Author did not add any comments.

Judge Comments

Paranormal Rescue squad does some nice things with characterisation and improv, leaving plenty of room for players to sketch out a dangerous and unknown conspiracy and discover it organically through play. I think it’d make a great 500w game. - Grant Howitt

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