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Mudsling • 2016 rpg

Matt Bohnhoff • no link

It's election season in Slanderland and the field has been narrowed down to two experienced, well connected candidates with pockets bulging with campaign funds and political favors. All that remains is for the candidates to tear into each other's reputations till only one has any credibility.
The game starts with 2 players taking the roles of political candidates and the rest of the players acting as the voting public. Each candidate writes down 5 dirty secrets on cards. The game progresses in rounds during which each candidate tells a defamatory lie about the other. After hearing the lies each voter awards a disapproval point to the candidate the feel looked the worst during that round. If the generalities of a lie told about a candidate coincide with a dirty secret, they must cross it off their list and add another disapproval point to their pool. Rounds continue until one candidate has crossed off 3 of their dirty secrets. Then candidate with the fewest points wins!

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