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NPC Bad Tendencies • 2016 supplement

Frank Lisbon • no link

Roll up to three times for new NPC.
1st (~ 50% likely tendency to react)
2nd (~30%) 
3rd (~20%)

NPC Bad Tendencies 
1 Violent- Will attack or try to cause damage at the slightest provocation.
2 Contrary- Will have opposing viewpoint of yours and takes actions opposite of your wants.
3 Haughty- Will take actions to prove their superiority to you. 
4 Direct- Will take the most straightforward, indelicate action to achieve their goal, socially and otherwise.
5 Devious- Will rarely say what they mean and underhandedly minces words to get out of consequences.
6 Lustful- Will pursue only goals and actions that appeal to their libido or desire for romance.
7 Covetous- Will only take actions to gain things (items/people/positions) they have (sometimes erroneously) marked as their own.
8 Lanquid- Will take actions that meet only the bare minimum of a goal and rarely pursue actions requiring any large amount of effort or physical exertion. 
9 Obtrusive- Will constantly take action and influence in as many activities as possible regardless of approval.
10 Unstable- Their reactions will change from moment to moment. Roll on chart again whenever NPC is put under pressure, this will be their current tendency.

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