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The Gauntlet • 2016 rpg

Sean M. Dunstan • no link

One player is The Wronged, at the end of a hallway. Behind the door at the other end is something you’ve Lost. Pick three things you’ve Sacrificed to get here, three things that Drive you to succeed; assign ten d6s among them, at least one each.
The other player is The Minotaur, behind the door. Take five index cards, write obstacles (e.g. mooks, a soldier, a trap) on each, assign six d6s among them, and lay them face down in a row. 
Each turn, The Minotaur flips and describes the next Obstacle. The Wronged gets dice by committing Drives (say why), The Minotaur gains dice by picking Sacrifices (say why). Both roll, the most 4+’s wins (say how). A victorious Minotaur removes a die from a Drive or adds one to a Sacrifice. A victorious Wronged adds a die to a Drive or removes one from a Sacrifice. Reroll ties at one less die each.
The Wronged can’t claim the Lost once out of Drive dice. If the Wronged reaches the end, the Minotaur explains why they did what they did. The Wronged can walk away, or fight: all remaining Drive dice versus all remaining Sacrifice dice. Winner takes all.

Author Comments (if any)

This was an attempt to see if I could make something like the Oldboy Hallway Fight into an RPG. I wanted there to be a push and pull between the hero’s will to succeed and the villain’s exploitation of what the hero has lost.

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