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Necropolis • 2016 rpg

Thorsten Panknin •

You’re in a dreadful cemetery after nightfall and you’re a Hunted. You have to survive the night somehow to escape with the dawn of the next morning. Be sure: Necropolis won’t let you slip away so easily… and will send Hunters after you, creatures right out of your worst nightmares.

Name your Hunted characters and describe them each in one sentence. A small girl, a Victorian gentleman, and an insectoid alien? Sure.

Discuss what you want the cemetery’s general atmosphere to be, e.g. modern, old and overgrown, futuristic, gothic, alien, warped, …

The Game
Play out your escape. Be as detailed as you want, riff off of each other’s descriptions and actions.

During a conflict, have one player act as the Hunter. Play out the conflict as you see fit or both sides roll a d6: the higher roll grants (non-lethal) narrative control over what happens. A result of 6 means a severe result for the players or the Hunter’s defeat. Players may support each other for +1 on their rolls, the Hunter player may hinder them for -1 or -2 depending on its power. Three severe results and the player has succumbed to dreadful Necropolis…

Author Comments (if any)

This is an updated and final version of my game.

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