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`You're nothing but a pack of cards!' • 2016 supplement finalist

Fabien Badilla •

This supplement :
- is meant for ‘A Red & Pleasant Land’.
- uses a pack of cards (including jokers).
- generates random encounters and scenes.
- offers challenges PCs don’t have to fight through.

Shuffle the deck. 
Draw two cards.

Agent works for = Suit of first card.
Agent’s intentions toward PCs = Suit of second card.

? = Heart Queen / Wishes for aid.
? = Red King / Wishes for trade.
? = Pale King / Wishes to harm.
? = Colorless Queen / Wishes to charm.

Combine these cards (or more) to create a challenge.

1-10 an immediate challenge for the PCs:
1. PCs identities mistaken, ordered around, given quests...
2. Tea Party! PCs are now guests.
3. PCs may pass if they solve a riddle or recite a poem.
4. Croquet! Winner gets special map or item.
5. A secret date, interrupted!
6. Pursuing human children! (Fresh blood!)
7. Public execution!
8. Live Chess!
9. Agents found dead! PCs promptly accused.
10. Dangerous Rook on a quest!

Head Cards = major agents, important NPCs.
Jacks: Pages, Knights, Thieves, Brigands.
Queens: Female Nobles (probably Vampires)
Kings: Male Nobles (probably Vampires)

Joker, roll 1D6: 
1. Jabberwocky.
2. Vampire Hunter.
3. Caterpillar.
4. Rabbit / Hare.
5. Stranger from another setting!
6. Group of 1D6 Alices.

Author Comments (if any)

Author did not add any comments.

Judge Comments

As I understand it, A Red and Pleasant Land is a good system for random encounters, and this captures a sense of dark whimsy that I think fits the game well. - Stephanie Bryant

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