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Lies & Secrets • 2016 rpg

Austin •

Lies & Secrets: A game of lying and keeping secrets.

Name your character.
You have three stats: deception, perception, and combat.
Assign one to each stat: bad, good, expert.
A bad stat takes a -2 penalty.
A good stat is neutral.
An expert stat gets a +2 bonus.
Any gear, items, professions, etc are up to you as long as the GM agrees.

Every time you complete three encounters you gain one token. 
You may trade a token to the GM or any player to learn one truth of your choosing. This must be done in secret.

Each player gets 2D6.
Any roll of the dice is an encounter.
To deceive anyone, roll deception v perception.
To notice deception, roll perception v deception.
In combat, simply roll combat v combat.

Deception can include sneaking, lying, etc.
Perception can mean noticing a lie, trap, hidden door, etc.
Combat is any physical feat: acrobatic, athletic, or otherwise.

Every NPC must have the following:
Two secrets they are keeping.
One lie they are propogating.
All decisions any NPC makes must be dictated by these three things.
All NPCs are neutral in combat, but expert in lying and perceiving.

Author Comments (if any)

This was a lot of fun!

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