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Foam Dart RPG • 2016 supplement winner

Joe England •

The Foam Dart RPG

When a player wants to do something where failure would be interesting have them take a shot. You can Reward or bribe a player by offering them a dart to retake any shot.

Simple: picking lock without time restraint and proper tool. Breaking down door with proper tool
Basic: Picking the lock under a time limit, breaking down a regular door without a tool
Medium: Picking a master lock with tool under a time limit. Breaking down reinforced door
Impossible: picking a lock while a dragon is breathing flames at you. 

Game Mechanics  
Hitting target box anywhere is Simple Success.
Big hole: Basic success , medium hole for hard success small hole for impossible. Hitting target is success with compilation and missing is failure. Breaking something in the house is fumble Easy success
Medium hole for hard success 
Small hole for impossible. 
Missing is failure
Breaking something in the house is fumble

If you hit the correct hole it’s worth a regular success, if you hit a hole that is harder you get success plus some positive that carries forward. Hitting a easier hole then the difficult is a success with a setback.
Sample target

Author Comments (if any)

for Solo RPGs I use this mechanic instead. The rules with picture of the target box are here:

Judge Comments

I could see games where this technique might add to the immersion, and certainly several where it would add to the fun. - Sarah Judd

Non-Expanding Recreational Foam is one of my favourite things, and this is a fun mechanic for using it in a game. I can see the players messing about at a late-night session with this one and having a lot of fun, and it makes a break from entirely removing skill from proceedings as most systems do. - Grant Howitt

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