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Children of Two Mothers • 2016 supplement

Robert Carnel •

A skin for Swords without Master.

Your character is born of Sun and Moon, they have both human and animal form. Name all that is noteworthy for each.

The two tones are Rage and Spirit. Rage is fury, feeling, anger, violence, passion and physicality. Spirit is reason, forgiveness, compromise, truth, understanding and fellowship.

Create a feat for each form and one for each tone.

The world is suffering, the characters must seek to challenge this, and if they can, bring it to an end. They must follow the threads from their consequences to their cause. They must understand what they can trust and what seeks to betray them. They must travel the physical world and the spirit one, the human and the animal. Only they can see the world complete in all its aspects and heal its heart.

The Perilous phase is unchanged. The Rogues phase is the Pack phase; gameplay is unchanged.

The Discovery phase is the Quest phase, in it the Children attempt to discover the disquiet that corrupts the world. On a Moral, the discovery is ruinous but mundane. On a Mystery, the discovery is corrupt but the characters trust it as true to their cause.

Author Comments (if any)

This is an attempt to distil Werewolf the Apocalypse down to what I thought was its core prospect

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