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WikiRamble • 2016 rpg

Jonathan Hollocombe • no link

The aim of WikiRamble is to meander aimlessly through the wealth of human knowledge that is Wikipedia. This game is designed to be played slowly, to provide an excuse to peruse and absorb at will, and is therefore most suited to being played via email or forum, though you might like to try it on a lazy afternoon with aid of a tablet or phone.

WikiRamble is a storytelling game where the themes, characters and setting are all directed by the pages of Wikipedia.

One player (decided however you like) starts the game by going to Wikipedia and clicking on the “Random article” link in the left hand navigation area. That person begins the story, including this along with the link to the page.

On your turn
Follow the link of the previous player
Select a new page using a link present in that page
Each player has 3 “rerolls” which can be used to instead go to a “Random article”
Continue the story, passing to the next player

Game End
The game ends when one of the following conditions is met once one player has run out of “rerolls” or the story has reached a natural conclusion.

Author Comments (if any)

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