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The Voyage of the Pursuivant Challenger • 2016 rpg

Caroline Berg •

Dear Sir or Madam, 

We are writing to inform you of a terrible (accident/act of sabotage/tragedy/storm) which has befallen us.

All was going well. We were en route to our destination, a (museum/diplomatic embassy/trade port/secret lab) when things went terribly wrong.

We shall salvage what we can, and strike out for the (temple/city/cave system/river) we conveniently landed near. 

However, we do request you send help to coordinates 003.135.045 before the (cold/heat/natural predators/saboteur) gets us.

Sincerely Yours,

The Crew of the Pursuivant Challenger


This game may be played solo, or with friends.

Players are members of the crew, trying to survive again all odds!

The game is played out in journal entries, over ten rounds, with one journal entry per player per round.

Each journal entry must list a hazard the crew faced, and how the crew tried to overcome said hazard.  After the entry is written, flip a coin/roll a die.  Heads/evens means success, tails/odds means things went horribly wrong.   Narrate what happened.  In each round, if more entries fail than succeed, someone dies; if this happens in the last round, the rescue fails.

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