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Three Dead Heroes Walk into a Bar... • 2016 rpg

David Ariye Harrison • WeChat ID: Hegar23

You play as Hades and the three dead Heroes he will bring to the modern world to slay a Beast! Be it monster, mortal, good or ill Hades wants it dead!

Heroes choose role (below) and three epithets the legends tell of you: Swift-footed, shadow-wielder, beseiger-of-SantAngelo, eater-of-boar, natural-police, steel-driving-man, etc.

Hades gives voice to mere mortals, declares the obstacle each scene and decides - dastardly - any struggle between Heroes.

Bravely repeat each line until each other hero has been asked! Daringly continue each scene until an epithet has been expended - permanently! - to overcome the obstacle!

Firstly... Asks a Hero:Then employ a scene to discover:Finally Hades lets slip:
HadesWhat drives you to return? What promises were made? One fact about the Beast. 
The Seeker What distraction engages you?What made this Hero follow you? One truth from a Hero's past.
The Hunter How hides the Beast now? How did you track down the beast?One reason he wants the Beast dead.
The Killer What strength has the beast? How did you overcome it? One vital lie he told.

The Beast finally slain, each Hero may plead to stay on earth or accept a return to the ever-grey Elysian Fields.

Author Comments (if any)

The title was supposed to be “Caterina Sforza, Bunk Morlan and Heracles Walk into a Bar…” but that’s too long for the 45 character title limit.

The section towards the end is kind of a table, hopefully the tab-spaces are preserved! :) It fits across one page (landscape) just using tab, but be pretty easy to read in a table.

In terms of inspiration most of it came from a forum post I made on Story Games.

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