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200 square dungeons • 2016 supplement

Bruno Bord •

Draw on a squared paper sheet.

The entrance is 1 square wide.

The dungeon has 3 stats: danger, depth, secret. Spread +2, +1, -1.

*Each room*

Unless specified, roll is 2d6+stat.

room size: 3d6*3d6 squares (not only rectangles) ; when the total of squares is over 200, the dungeon is complete (the next rooms to be generated won't trigger door rolls),

doors: roll+depth (extra or new doors). On a 6-: one door, on 7-9: two doors, on 10+: 1d4 doors,

treasure: roll+secret. On 6-: roll for treasure, on 7-9: empty room. On 10+: trap!,

encounter: roll+danger. On 6-: empty room, on 7-9: roll once. on 10+: roll twice.


roll d8.

1-6: roll*10 coins,
7: fine weapon (next danger roll +1),
8: magical item (next danger roll +2).


Prepare 4 types of encounters: from low-level goons to extremely difficult foes. Depends on PC level.

roll d8.

1-4: Goons (roll also indicates the number of monsters in squad),
5-6: Fierce opposition,
7: Tough enemy (next secret roll -1),
8: Extremely difficult foe (next secret roll -2).


Give encounter types quota (10 / 4 / 2 / 1, for example). When exhausted, reroll.

Author Comments (if any)

Partially inspired by this tweet from John Harper: (although there’s no Dragon in my module)

and by Pocket Dungeon - - for the room generator (although I hacked it a lot)

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