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True Names • 2016 rpg

Mack Marcotte • no link

You and some other demons have a most sinister tea party. You’re plotting to learn their names, to gain control over them. Careful! They had the same idea...

Secretly write your 10-letter name. Your name has no triplets of vowels or consonants (for balance, y’s a vowel).

Examples: Bartolomew, Tzyarkaist, Qqaqaaqaqq

You keep different papers for each demon. On your turn, write a letter of your name and its position that’s unknown to one demon on their scrap and show them. If it’s:
- A vowel, plus “consonant”/“vowel”: They write one from their name you don’t know, if possible (not its position).
- A consonant, plus a letter you think/know they have: They write a position it occurs in if possible.
- Anything plus your guess for their name and round number, they say if you’re right.

You are bound to be truthful and use pen when doing the above, but you may speak or pass pencil notes unhindered. Pen magic gives more info than it gleans; you’ll need to... ugh... cooperate.

- Someone learns your name, gain -2 points
- You learn a name, gain 1 point
- You know every demon’s name, gain 100 points, and the game ends.

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