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Caffeine and Malpractice • 2016 rpg

Slade Stolar •

Collect three friends. Travel to a location that provides tables and comforting, potent beverages (coffee works as well as whiskey). The current active player will do most of the talking. There are three states in which each supportive (non-active) player can be: leaning forward in anticipation (place your cup nearer the center of the table), leaning back in bewilderment (slide your cup close to the edge), and sipping.

In play:
When all supportive players are leaning forward in anticipation, describe a mistake made and make an excuse as to why you made the mistake. 

When all supportive players are leaning back in bewilderment, describe a relationship going sour.

When most of the supportive players are sipping, wrap the scene up; the player to the left becomes the new active player.

Play begins with the active player (chosen by seniority) describing what it was like to be a doctor, playing all the roles because you weren’t there, unless you were.

Frame and play out scenes in the following order:
Describe yourself being virtuous.
Describe how your good intentions became twisted and ugly.
Describe your profound mistake.
Describe your disciplinary hearing.
Describe your fall from grace.
Describe yourself being virtuous.


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