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For City Coin • 2016 rpg

Sean Smith •

Be careful round those city-folk.
They don't understand our ways.

* * *

Each player assumes the role of an outcast—someone shunned by the city that they must venture into to sell this artefact. The games master will present the state of the city, the moods and actions of its inhabitants. Beforehand, she asks each player the following questions:
—Who are you?
—Why are you ostracised?

As a group, settle on the following truths:
—How did we come by this artefact?
—Why must we sell it now?

* * *

Take two coins from different countries. When a player attempts an action with an uncertain outcome, the games master calls for a toss. The player clarifies their intention; the games master explains the risk.

Stack both coins. Toss them into the sky to land on the floor.
—If both coins show HEADS: the headstrong outcast succeeds. (You're not welcome here. How do they take it?)
—If both coins show TAILS: the outcast must turn tail and back down, else suffer the risk.
—If the faces are ODD: the situation complicates. (Was something overlooked? Is this reaction unexpected?)

Outcasts never back down over that which they were shunned for—TAILS here count as success.

Author Comments (if any)

My usual go-to is cards, so instead for this I cast out those ways and took upon an old coin gambling game called Swy or the Digger’s Game. Sadly the paddle was left out here.

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