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A is for Apocalypse • 2016 rpg

Steve Dee •

A is for Apocalypse is a roleplaying game for one or more players. It is a simple game of letters.

One player begins by saying “A is for Apocalypse”,and then they describe the nature of the apocalypse. It could be a world-spanning catastrophe, a small domestic one or even an internal one. Use no more than one sentence. Talk for no more than one breath.

The second player (or the first, if playing alone), responds with “B is for But” and explains how they have, at least at first, survived the onslaught.

Players then proceed like this through the alphabet, starting each new sentence with a subsequent letter. Each odd letter introduces a new fact about the apocalypse or a situation within it, an outside effect applying pressure upon the protagonist. The even letters describe how the protagonist resists or overcomes this struggle. 

The purpose of the game is to tell the story; the odd sentences should never be so fearsome as to obliterate all hope. Likewise, the protagonist should never become so powerful as to obliterate all doubt.

When you get to Z, the game is over and the story finished.

Advanced Rules: Make each couplet rhyme.

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