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THE HENCHMEN: The Daring Band That Follows • 2016 rpg

Dwight & Brandy Upton • none yet

Requirements: 4 Henchmen, 1 NP Hero, 4 index cards; 16 Light tokens, 20 Dark tokens, Crucible for Tokens, pencil.
Write name and how you serve the Hero.
ACT1: Four Scenes
Framer vividly describes scene and foreshadows the Dark (Omen, Rumor, Victim, Minion), annotating card. Everyone receives one Dark Token, including Hero. 
Narrator then shares meaningful Bond with Hero; annotating card. Hero receives one Light Token. Other players may contribute up to two times during ACT1.  One Light Token per share. Repeat until all Henchmen Frame, and Narrate.
ACT2: Four Scenes
1ST Framer ties foreshadowing from ACT1 and reveals Dark force and fateful Risk to overcome. 
Everyone secretly puts 1-3 Tokens into the Crucible. Narrator pulls tokens one at at a time and narrates confronting Risk.  Light Tokens aid victory, Dark Tokens - defeat.  
If Dark Tokens outnumber Light, either sacrifice life and keep Dark Tokens as Glory, or retreat, passing Risk to another. If Light outnumbers Dark; defeat the risk. Can use Light Tokens in personal pile. Any Light Tokens gained pass to Hero. Repeat.
Place Hero’s Tokens in Crucible.  Take turns drawing one Token, and describe the Hero’s Glorious final confrontation.  More Light = Heroic Victory. More Dark = Glorious Sacrifice.

Author Comments (if any)

The Prisoner’s Dilemma, Polaris, Castle Panic, and one wacky night with my wife

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