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Entrenched • 2016 supplement finalist

Taylor LaBresh •

Entrenched: An Underwater Adventure
Taylor LaBresh

“Back when I had all me teeth, battle raged. The spoils sunk to the depths, my ship included. Don’t ask how I escaped. Bring me a small amulet and keep the rest.”

The Old Woman built pressure suits with air tanks, but it’s taken decades and she’s too frail to go.

Difficult weather challenges PCs. Once at the site, they sink into the deep.

Reefs grow on war-machines. Predators hunt & skeletons patrol. Light is dim if present. Wrecks contain stale air pockets, refilling tanks if needed.

PCs approach the biggest wreck. A Skeleton approaches. If they fight she calls sharks, coral golems, other skeletons to aid her. If they talk, she tries to get PCs to leave.

She was once wedded to The Old Woman. They celebrated their marriage with an enchanted amulet. The amulet’s energy keeps the reef alive. The PCs could take the amulet by force, through charm, or they could leave.

If the amulet leaves, all reef life collapses. Wrecks crumble and sink into the muck.

The Old Woman will ask what PCs found, weeping if they tell her about The Skeleton, but will thank PCs regardless.

Author Comments (if any)

This entry is dedicated to Rich Howard, Darcy Ross, and any other gaming geek who goes out of their way to share their fascination with the ocean.

Judge Comments

A good little underwater adventure. Could easily be tweaked to a modern fantasy in addition to high fantasy settings. - Stephanie Bryant

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