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Hi • 2016 rpg finalist

Jenn Martin and Todd Nicholas •

A microlarp about two lonely strangers meeting daily at the (pick one): 

Will they connect?

Play over five scenes, starting with Monday, ending on Friday.

During scenes:
-Read and ponder your daily instructions.
-Set a timer for three minutes. 
-Roleplay inhabiting the space where you meet. Let the day’s question guide your actions and mannerisms. Make eye contact but DO NOT SPEAK. When the timer rings, end the day. 
-Repeat for all five days.

Player one:
-Monday: Notice them. Their clothes remind you of your worst day. Why?
-Tuesday: Notice their eyes. What there have you seen in yourself? 
-Wednesday: Notice their face. It reminds you of something delightful. What?
-Thursday: Notice their smell, reminiscent of treasured childhood memories. Where?
-Friday: Notice something perfect about them. Do you hope they speak?

Player Two:
-Monday: Notice them. Their mouth reminds you of someone who hurt you. Who?
-Tuesday: Notice their body. Suddenly, you feel like a kid again. Why? 
-Wednesday: Notice their hands. They remind you of a peaceful moment. When? 
-Thursday: Notice something they have. It’s something you love. What?
-Friday: Summon your courage. When the timer rings, immediately say ‘hi’... or don’t.

The End?

Author Comments (if any)

Author did not add any comments.

Judge Comments

Would play. noticing unspoken things. series of unique thinkpieces per character well formed. want to play both sides. will probably use as a mini-game for actors before they get on mic for romantically charged scenes. big fan. - Kat Kuhl

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