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The Augurs • 2016 rpg

Neal Ryan Shaw •

Players take turns narrating a hero's quest, in [number of players plus two] chapters.

Give each player 3d6. Create a pool of Hubris tokens. Roll to determine who narrates each chapter.

Each player chooses an archetype to play.

Fortune Teller: Once per chapter, trade a die with another player, after rolling.

Oracle: Once per chapter, reroll one of your dice.

Psychic: Once per game, take one token when you would take two.

Soothsayer: Once per game, reuse a previous result instead of rolling.

Witch: Once per chapter, require another player to reroll a die.

If your result was 8 or lower, take two tokens from the pool. If it was 13 or higher, you may return one token to the pool.

The winner may narrate or pass; if you narrated the previous chapter, you must pass. The narrator takes a token and describes the chapter's events.

Roleplay the crucial moments with others if you like, but don't let things drag on. Set a timer for three minutes; take a token if you go over time.

Repeat for each chapter. The player with the fewest tokens at the end may narrate the epilogue.

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