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Watertown • 2016 rpg

Graham Walmsley • http://www.thievesoftime.com/


You're townsfolk. Everyone choose a name and job. Divide the following problems between you.

1. You love 2 for their courtesy, but don't know how to tell them.
2. You love 1 for their quietness, but want them to make the first move.
3. You lent 4 your horse. It's not worth much, but want it back.
4. 3 lent you an old horse. You love it and can't give it back.
5. You need three silverflowers for a love potion.
6. You grow silverflowers. You've never felt part of this town.
7. You're dying. You came here to find your child.
8. In 7's absence, you raised their child (decide who it is).
9. You cook for the town, but supplies are short.
10. You cannot sell your marshflowers, bitter but nourishing.
11. You are the proud, aging town guard, needing a successor.
12. You are the heartbroken apothecary, who heals mind and body.

Construct Watertown, using whatever you have around. Discuss what Watertown is like. Decide where you each work and live.

Then go to work, come home, dine, sleep, socialise, repeat, for three days and nights. Discuss each other's problems. Resolve them.

Author Comments (if any)

Watertown is inspired by my love of video games in which you wander into a community and solve people’s mundane problems. It draws on James Harper’s “The Lowland Clearances”, Joanna Piancastelli’s “Before the Storm” and pillow forts.

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