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SEE NO, HEAR NO, EAT • 2016 rpg

Brie Sheldon •


Four players.
Four sets of four tokens per player, each set a different type but differentiated within the set (chips, coins, dice).
Pencil and paper per player. On the paper’s reverse, assign personality traits to each token, one positive, one negative.
Bag or napkin to hide tokens.

Start with the youngest player, then clockwise one turn each. Round one, everyone closes their eyes. Taking action they 1) whisper a trait unrelated to their list to a player, 2) give a token to a player, who keeps it hidden, or 3) do both to different players.

Round two, the play begins with the oldest player, then counterclockwise. No one can speak. Each turn, players 1) pass a token to a player, 2) use signals and expressions to share a trait, or 3) do both to different players.

Flip the papers to reveal the token traits. The players make characters lost in the desert using the descriptors, and introduce themselves in character with how they could help survive. With the remaining tokens, players put tokens in front players they find least valuable, up to two tokens each player. The person with most tokens is murdered and eaten by the other characters. 

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