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Wizards of the Last Age • 2016 rpg

Robert Carnel •

Wizards take many forms, have immortal souls and a Vision for a different world.

A Wizard's Will is the sum of all the dice in front of them.

Wizards use their Will to shape the world; the highest Will wins. Record the Will score for each change.

Wizards can combine Will to achieve a change. They mutually describe the change and record the combined Will score.

Place 3d6 per player in the centre of the table. Each Wizard rolls a die and puts it in front of them.

Take turns framing scenes that challenge another Wizard's Vision. Think about potential flaws, challenges or consequences of their Vision. Who amongst the other Wizards might oppose it?

Once per round a Wizard may steal the power of others. They roll a die from the centre and place it in front of them, they describe the consequences of their theft.

If a round passes with no dice taken, the Wizards may unanimously surrender their Visions. All dice are returned to the centre, the game is over.

If all dice are taken, the world is fatally wounded. From highest to lowest Will each Wizard describes what they save from the disaster they have wrought.

Author Comments (if any)

Originally a game about climate change, the word count moved me to try and lean on Tolkien-esque elements to simplify the tragedy of the commons and pure ego.

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