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Seven Days to Die • 2016 rpg

James E. Shields, dba Jeshields •

(3-4 Players)

Our hero is dying.
The world’s endangered.
What's our fate?

Collectively choose a theme.
Each Day (scene), players roll 1D6. Result is their role and conflict die.
Taken? Re-roll.

      1      Nemesis           D20
      2      Hero              D12
      3      Lackey            D10
      4      Sidekick          D8
      5      Relative/Friend   D6
      6      Bystander         D4

If not defined, choose character's name and ability/skill.
Otherwise, roll 1D6. Define another attribute.

      1      Origin
      2      Weakness
      3      Equipment
      4      Secret
      5      Motive
      6      Hobby

Roll initiative.
Winner sets the scene.

In initiative order, players:
      State their goal for the scene.
      Narrate action.
      Challenging another action? Compare results.
      Assisting another action/challenge? Add to previous results.

An action resolves when the round returns to the player.
Compare results and narrate. (Ties favor the Hero.)
Any resolved action furthering any goal is one success for that character.
Three successes?
      Goal is accomplished.
      They narrate the Day's end.

Was this Hero's or Nemesis' third day winning?
      Yes? Game Over. That character wins. Narrate the end.
      No? Hero rolls:

            Day 1: D20
                2: D12
                3: D10
                4: D8
                5: D6
                6: D4
                7+ D2

                  1   Hero dies. Narrate his death.
                      Villain narrates the end.
                  2+  Continue the next day.

Author Comments (if any)

Special thanks to Ron Edwards for the idea that a group can influence and share ownership in the same characters.

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