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Bacon Run • 2016 rpg

Christopher M. Sniezak • www.misdirectedmark.com

You're a group of anthropomorphic pigs dumped on an island, being chased by anthropomorphic wolf hunters - who want to kill and eat you - through a variety of areas. Best part. This is entertainment for the world to watch.

Character Creation
You have a job. Write it down and tell everyone.
You have a hobby. Write it down and tell everyone.
You have a reason to live. Write it down. Tell us why it's your reason to live.

Playing the Game
Player who last ate bacon describes the first location.

Everyone rolls a d6. Low roll narrates how they die. If low rolls are tied they re-roll. New low roll dies.

Players can re-roll once per scene by describing how their job, hobby, or reason helps them live. Then cross it out. It can't be used to re-roll again.

Once a pig is dead the scene is over. Begin a new scene.

Players of dead pigs become wolf hunters. Once per scene a hunter can make any pig re-roll by describing a trap they laid for them. If that causes the pig to die the hunter gets to describe the pigs death.

Play continues until one pig is left.

Author Comments (if any)

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