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Remember the Apocalypse • 2016 supplement

David Rothfeder • no link

Remember the Apocalypse

The apocalypse was 50 years ago.  You remember it clearly, the smell of tar and flesh as the world burned.  This is the world after it, and you have learned how to survive.  You know this to be true, even though you're only 17.

You remember growing up in this broken world, you were born here.  You have no memories from the world before, and yet you know you were there when things went to shit 50 years ago.

You’re not unique, everyone remembers.  Your twin sister tells you stories of the polar ice caps melting and the world flooding.  She doesn't know where the water went, but she swears it happened 50 years ago.

The old man tells a different story.  He says that the wrong man was elected president.  That they brought endless war until the whole world became one huge no man’s land.  He's been telling this story since you were only knee high, every time asking why he didn't vote for the other guy 50 years ago.

This is the world now, where everyone remembers civilization being destroyed, and now, everyone always will.  Can you find a way to forget?

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