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Aueo • 2016 rpg

Tony Ferron •

All of one tribe, lost. You walk, looking for home.

You are bound to the Laws:
- We can never go back.
- Spirits must be left to slumber.
- Do not harm those of the tribe.

Before you begin:
Choose a role: Chief, Fool, Hunter, Shaman.
Each have 3 mana, and one child.

Chief, describe an obstacle to overcome.
Fool, describe a weakness within the tribe.
Hunter, describe an outside threat to the tribe.
Shaman, describe a danger at the heels of the tribe.

Playing the game:
To take a risk, describe what you do. Mark 1 Ageing to succeed. Mark 1 Ageing to avoid consequences. When you have marked 10 Ageing, you die.
Now you are your child; mana restored, they too have a child. Describe a new trouble.

When all of one generation die, trade roles.

Spend 1 mana:
As Chief, force the tribe to follow you.
As Fool, to break a law.
As Hunter, to provide what is needed.
As Shaman, to ward against or bring death.

On meeting spirits, they will take mana in return for a wish granted. Beware spirits. Beware the past.

This is known: 
After 5 generations, you will be home.

Author Comments (if any)

Human migration. It has always happened, is happening. We think of ourselves as a stationary species, but this has never been the case. In “Aueo” you are going home, where home is a future thing, an idea held onto by the lost. I don’t know where you’re going, or where you were from, but I hope you get there alright.

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