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Recovery • 2016 rpg finalist

Isaiah Stankowski • no link

Life is a constant battle between you and your addiction.
Answer the following:
What is your name and addiction?
Who have you hurt? How?
Shuffle a Joker into the bottom half of a 52-card deck.
Take turns framing scenes from your character’s life. A successful scene of making amends adds 1 Recovery or removes 2 Stress. A scene of overindulgence clears all Stress but costs 1 Recovery. Other players may introduce obstacles by drawing a card and applying its effects to themselves.
When obstacles cause disagreements, the scene-framer rolls their dice-pool. Dice showing 5 or 6 are successes. One or more successes allow the scene-framer to narrate the outcome, otherwise the interjector does.
The scene-framer’s dice-pool begins at 0. Add 1d6 for every card they choose to draw (maximum 5). Remove 1d6 for every 2 Stress they have. Roll first, then draw, resolve and discard cards.
Card Effects:
A– +2 Stress
KQJ– +1 Stress
Joker– +3 Stress, remake deck
The game ends when the number of Jokers drawn equals the number of players minus one. Players narrate an epilogue based on their Recovery score: highest makes significant recovery progress, middle makes progress but faces setbacks, lowest suffers a painful relapse.

Author Comments (if any)

Thank you to my friends for helping me, to the many game developers who have inspired me, and to David Schirduan for hosting this challenge.

Judge Comments

The rules here are crunchy, but it makes perfect sense. Recovering from addiction forces people to balance hard decisions. Harsh but compelling subject with thematic implementation. - Sarah Judd

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