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Cheese Dudes: Basic Edition • 2016 rpg

Callum Wilks • just promote these guys since they rule

Thanks, System Mastery!

Everyone works at a Cheese Dudes, a magical fast food chain that fucking sucks and doesn't pay enough. Everyone's either ranked a Leader or a Member, and picks a job. You've got two stats: Your CHEESE and DUDE. You can put a number from -2 to +2 there. There's 4 skills for everything.

Enjoy Work: Add  CHEESE to eat the food or look happy 
Hard Cardio: Subtract  CHEESE for anything physically challenging
Basic Social Skills: Add DUDE when you talk like a normal person
Do Your Job: Subtract DUDE when you do what your job is

Each round starts with a Leader saying something they've planned, and a member saying something they'll go wrong. Then a normal thing happens to the player with the worst Job, and they respond.

When you use a skill, say what you're trying and roll 2d6. If you roll over 9 you succeed, and someone of your same rank describes what results. If you roll under that, you fail and another ranked guy gets to pick what happens. On 9, you pick. Afterwards, they pick another player and narrate an obstacle. When everyone's had enough the shift ends and everyone goes home.

Author Comments (if any)

The first Cheese Dudes was an attempt to see if you could make a GMless PTBA game with the framework taken from an obscure game called Panty Explosion, reviewed by the excellent podcast System Mastery. It was a mess of bad editing, but I thought the core idea was sound. The 200 word challenge encouraged me to cut it down a lot, so now it’s reasonably playable. I wish I could fit in some nametag character sheets but you’ve gotta lose something. I do work in Hospitality, why do you ask?

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